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MMORPG | Fallen Sword | Browser based online adventure

Computer Games -> MMORPG

Fallen Sword | Browser based online adventure We recommend this site!

Fallen Sword | Browser based online adventure

Browser based mmorpg. The FallenSword universe is massive, consisting of hundreds of distinct locations, each of which is filled with unique and frightening foes.
You will be able to buy, loot, and trade almost 500 items, but choose carefully: Your success in battle will be fully dependent upon your choices of equipment.
You only have space for a few items, so fill them wisely. You will earn gold through killing creatures, attacking other players, and trading in the Auction House.
Plus, you can earn and use FallenSword Points to enable you to upgrade your character beyond mortal limits

Keywords: fallensword, mmorpg, mmo, rpg, roleplay, fantasy, adventure, experience, gold

Last edit: 12-06-2007 16:35:11
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Votes:Fallen Sword | Browser based online adventure Link has been rated 2,0 stars Fallen Sword | Browser based online adventure, 2,0 out of 5 based on 1582 ratings
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Link comments:
Comment by: galactic9, 05-10-2010 : 22:33
I give u the account if u send D4B4U 100 fsp. galactic9 is maxed except stam, it's regen is 75 and more. 1003 BP slots full of legendary and BS
Comment by: lcog05, 02-04-2010 : 15:17
Wow.. What a bunch of NOOBS! Please stop begging for FSP and gold. Its easy to get past level 150! With my 1.5k stam, I make about 2 FSP a hunt.. Its really not that hard! Plus, being in a guild that has gear for you is wayy easier! If you own a guild and dont spend money on the game, join a big guild that has gear! Its alot more easier and fun!
Comment by: undefeted, 10-12-2009 : 23:36
hey can anyone make an account for me to play because my other one got teminated for no reason and i cant make another so can anyone plz help me?
Comment by: zack, 28-09-2009 : 19:01
yeah i love the gaem but its so hard to get fsp
Comment by: generiodan, 04-03-2009 : 05:41
my ingame name is generiodan , Feel free to pm me, i need some people who able to lend me some fsp..... all player will post to my bio....
Comment by: fallensword, 26-02-2009 : 22:05
i have a guild that anyone with 20 fsp can join so if u want to join pm me my player is solong5 and if u have 20 fsp and looking for a place to go look no further!
Comment by: shano, 18-02-2009 : 03:34
look i like the game as well but iam not very good at all i have a lot of trouble saving money and cant get any fallen sword points any help would be greatlly helpfull oh and my fs name is cloutty so any money or fallen sword points would be much apreshiated
Comment by: jak, 04-02-2009 : 11:24
hey my name is thesamoray in Fallen sword it's a nice game any one dont want to play it any more send youre money and FSP to my account thanks
Comment by: Lord, 07-11-2008 : 22:55
Sup all, I'm known as LordAshrum in fallen sword. My clans name is The Order of Light -so if you want to join (and if theres room) just pm me, require lev 10 and up-
####Also if anyone could spare some fsp I would greatly appreciate it. I plan on putting all donated fsp toward my max stamina because it's the only thing I hate about the game -limited att-def-because of stamina-
Comment by: TazZ, 02-11-2008 : 15:08
ilyas Can you send me FSP ? my name on fallensword is TazZyy
Comment by: johnny martinez, 27-10-2008 : 22:54
i made 2 characters but with Two different emails and my new one got terminated at level 4 and i have my level 76 guy now:) but everytime i logon it pops up your acount terminated but not for my good guy but the wea one and i can play as my normal level 76 guy but theres no login or logout just simply your acount for my old is had been terminated. how do i pay as my guy not terminated????PLEASEEE HELP MEI LOVE THE GAME:(
Comment by: aron norris, 01-10-2008 : 15:52
hi i have signed up to fallen sword and my name is azzer5000.
can i pleeze have some fsp because i think this is the gratest online game in the world
Comment by: buZZ,light,y3ar, 01-10-2008 : 10:43
good game but i need fsp if any1 reads this message pm me on game and while ur at it send me a few fsp's *wink* *wink* my game name is witlesmurf plz somebody i need fsps or gold !!!!!! message me!!!!!!! i also make avatars
Comment by: ScarrFist, 26-09-2008 : 21:50
fallen sword, for surprisingly the lame game play is, is a great game, i only been playing like a week and im level 10, only thing i dont like is once ure outa stamina u can fight or go anywhere.

Comment by: HIGGLE, 07-08-2008 : 20:11
Can someone give me some fallensword points plz! If you can my name on fallensword is higgle. THanks so much and by giving me points that is keeping more people playing!

Comment by: Icelord, 02-06-2008 : 02:45
Hey can sum one send me free fallensword points,gold,or items please........My name is Iceblade07
Comment by: shwksrule, 28-04-2008 : 16:30
Hey my name is shwksrule and i would like to try and fuy fsp from people i will pay u with anything thatt u want just add me my name is shwksrule.
Comment by: mikeneal, 22-04-2008 : 21:52
ya this game is tight! it's the best game i ever played. if anyone ever reads this message me in game. my username is mikeneal. i am in a guild called the lords of chaos. anyone that dosen't want their accounts or wants to give me gold or fs points do it!!!! :)
Comment by: Axemonkey, 15-04-2008 : 02:39
This is a great game but i wish fsp were easier to get
Comment by: plzplzme, 15-11-2007 : 13:33
Best game ever, but its still only a game
Comment by: GUs, 14-09-2007 : 07:11
can some one give me fallensword points for free my username is Gustavo17
Comment by: Arrow919, 12-07-2007 : 07:57
Join my guild There is only one requirment, you must be at least lvl 6. I am the owner arrow919. The guild is called Demonic Destroyers
Comment by: gourth, 10-07-2007 : 11:43
there is bitefight, a web based game about werewolfs and vampires
Comment by: Warriorthooth, 18-06-2007 : 01:41
Great game. In some guilds the community is great and only because of that, the game is worth playing!
Comment by: Wzarlon, 05-06-2007 : 01:22
If you need a quality guild to join, msg me ingame. 20 FSP to join us, and lvl 15 minimum
Comment by: ilyas, 30-05-2007 : 02:17
can i get Free FallenSword Points
Comment by: Cantoona, 07-05-2007 : 01:02
Ahh, yea I love this game.. Its great for little gameplay every day.
You have a certain number of "moves" so you can't sit and play this all day = at the same time you dont get to tired of it right away!
It required no download or anything! Anyone have a list of other games like this?

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