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Online Games | RuneScape - massive online adventure game

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RuneScape - massive online adventure game

RuneScape - massive online adventure game

RuneScape is a massive 3d multiplayer adventure, with monsters to kill, quests to complete, and treasure to win.
You control your own character who will improve and become more powerful the more you play

Keywords: Runescape, Jagex, free, games, online, multiplayer, magic, spells, java, MMORPG, MPORPG, gaming

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Link comments:
Comment by: caprisun86, 21-09-2011 : 03:43
it started runescape in 2006. It was great then but now jagex have ruined it its boring and annoying...
Comment by: eeeeeeeee Aaaaaaa, 04-05-2010 : 16:45
i thike runescape is very fun and cool
Comment by: GuthixSleepz, 22-02-2010 : 16:42
runescape is a fun game and everyone should play hope to see most people here online make sure your in a member world if you wanna chill online or go kill stuff just add me GuthixSleepz
Comment by: Guthixscape, 01-02-2010 : 16:31
I started playing runnescape 4 years ago and im still playin it today i know i should be max lvl now but im still lvl 106 its kind of boring now cause all of the fun stuff that they use to have is gone and i kinda liked the old graphics but i guess high detail is still good but id like to have pking back than having revenants freeze and kill me i can hardly make money off of green dragons without hearing that weird sound then get attacked by it its a pain what jagex has done to runescape but overall its still a good game i guess
Comment by: wes, 24-09-2009 : 03:04
runescape is awesome
Comment by: Coolkid235, 13-07-2009 : 11:00
i have been playing runescape for 4 mounths now and i am lvl 75 once u get to a high lvl u get bored because it takes forever but then u lvl and u are so happy because u are done then u go and do other stuff i would have to say it is the best game on the web so everyone should try it when they get the chance
Comment by: Cbaril, 03-05-2009 : 05:29
I played runescape, got to level 138, had full bando's, a bando's gs and full dragon about 200M then I got hacked and stopped.
Comment by: yoshi, 08-07-2008 : 01:52
runescape was awesome when i first started playing 4 years ago.... but know... its kinda looking for a new game to play
Comment by: bad 2 da bone, 24-01-2008 : 00:20
if u get bord of runescape#1 just go 2 #2r#3
Comment by: kiddragon121, 03-12-2007 : 16:01
when i first played runescape i was hooked and i play it all the time and i no you would like it to....... for a little while
Comment by: heath, 12-10-2007 : 06:20
runescape is one of the best games i have ever played online it is a massive adventure game and it is fun to play.
Comment by: kkilla, 20-04-2007 : 13:31
well ive played runescape for liek 3-4 years and im bored of it i want a new game like runescape that i can play free.
Comment by: killerdog614, 22-02-2007 : 23:40
this game is so cool you go on it ,there are so meny thengs to do on it thank you, from mike

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